Gina horkey's abundant
fat-loss method


Are you tired of settling for quick fixes that offer only temporary results?

It’s time to embark on a journey of lasting change – focusing not just on weight loss – but on building a more resilient, muscular you!

Without a personalized, doable plan + accountability from another real human, you'll likely be trapped in the cycle of weight loss and gain – permanently.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle and strength for the first time, aiming for a lean and strong physique or seeking a significant transformation in your body composition, a personalized and actionable plan + consistent support and accountability from a real person (aka me!) can finally help you conquer your fitness goals!

“I had an amazing workout this morning. I’m starting to see results in the mirror at the gym and it’s very motivating. Love, love, love this new routine! I’m surprised how fast it’s working.

Achieving permanent, sustainable strength and improved body composition is POSSIBLE! Say goodbye to being under-muscled and unlock your full potential!

1. Strength Training

2. Customized Food Plan

3. Mindset Coaching

“If I had to use one word to describe coaching with Gina it's 'results.' Gina has been the best accountability partner for me and inspires me to keep going, dig deeper and learn more. For the first time in my adult life – and with Gina's support – weight loss finally seems attainable. I'm beyond grateful and I'm having fun learning the tools! Thank you Gina!

It's not just another miserable, restrictive diet!

Truly own that you are a woman who can do this – because you are!

The Right Information, Guidance and Accountability

Leading to Long-Term Success in your Health + Fitness Journey!

But where do you find the right information?

Especially with all the ‘noise’ from the $75 billion weight loss industry?

I have the right plan waiting for you – your plan!

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